New feature: Evelity includes mapping!

New feature: Evelity includes mapping!

Our teams have been working on this subject for several months, and we are delighted to announce that our inclusive wayfinding application now includes interfaces with mapping! ✨🎉

It's simple: the user will be able to choose between navigation with simple instructions (icons and texts) or with the indoor map of the building.

The display of the route on a map was highly requested among our panel of testers with disabilities, especially those with reduced mobility.Bearing in mind the concept of inclusive design, this feature has become a priority here at Okeenea Digital.

The feature has already been implemented and tested in several places: 1 metro and 1 high school! And we have received unanimous feedback... this is unseen! A nice reward for our team 🎇

📽️ A video to (re)discover Evelity in less than 2 mn:



But it's not all! Our teams have also made new improvements:

4 graphic themes added
Increased geolocation accuracy up to 1m
4 new languages added
New navigation settings added
Points of interest with text, photo and audio content (video coming soon)
The management of environments with multi-buildings ( switch from indoor/outdoor navigation)


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