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Evelity test in the Lille metro with a panel of visually impaired people

Successful user tests in the Lille metro

The pilot phase of the Lille metro deployment is going perfectly. The first stage is a great success.

Our teams have supervised the seven testers on a guidance experience between 2 metro stations. The Evelity application was praised by this first panel of testers made up of visually impaired people. This is obviously the most complex panel to guide. And yet, no less than 100% of the testers validated the use and benefits of such a solution within the Lille network. But that's not all, because they all want Evelity to be used in facilities and buildings beyond public transport and the metro in particular.

So the project is on the right track, no pun intended! 

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Tech Rocketship Award

Evelity wins the Tech Rocketship Award 2020

Among the 650 startups that were selected for their innovation, Okeenea wins the challenge with Evelity! A wonderful opportunity to make our dream to export our app throughout the world including Great Britain a reality. We’ll tell you all about it.

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Finalist of the Transit Tech Lab Challenges in NYC

Evelity : Finalist of the Transit Tech Lab Challenges in NYC!

We’re very proud and excited to be selected as one of the finalists of the Transit Tech Lab Challenges, run by the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) and the Partnership For New York City to help the nation’s largest transit system address some of its most pressing transit challenges!

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