Tests report of Evelity in the Lyon metro!

Evelity tests his solution in the Lyon metro

Since June, our teams have been focusing on the Evelity experience in the metro as part of the pilot project we are running in two metro stations, Bellecour and Grange Blanche. 

It was not without a few drops of sweat 💦 that we managed to deliver an inclusive wayfinding system for travelers inside a metro (originally only for the visually impaired)!

And the efforts have paid off, because the users feedbacks is amazing! The results are a pleasant surprise 🎇 We thank them for their help...

Here is an computer graphic* that summarizes the main information of the last 2 months of Evelity's experience in Lyon's metro:

*Computer graphics described textually below the image for the visually impaired and blind

Evelity Infography - Users tests report - Lyon Metro (September-October 2022) - V5


*Feedback from Evelity user tests: Lyon metro (September and October 2022)

  • 2 stations : Bellecour et Grange Blanche
  • More than 1,25 mile of accessible pathways
  • 150,000 ft² of covered area
  • 46 destinations including 8 services available
  • 203 beacons installed for geolocation
  • 27 testers (5 blind people, 5 people in wheelchairs, 2 deaf people, 15 people without disabilities)
  • 62% on iOS and 48% on Android
  • 512 navigation tests realized including 97 from one station to another

  • 100% of successful guidance!

  • In 97% of the cases where users made a mistake, the route was automatically recalculated successfully
  • 88% of the panel would use Evelity in the metro and 55% would use it in their daily lives

Challenges successfully met:

  • Average accuracy of 4 feet
  • Management of all infrastructures
  • Multi-level handling (4 levels including mezzanine + surface)

  • Bus and streetcar connections near the exits
  • Management of central and lateral platforms

  • Warning system for users near the platforms
  • Access to services and shops in the station
  • Development of a contrasting and easy-to-understand mapping
  • Interstation navigation
  • Tests performed without the use of guide paths for the blind

👉 For those who wish to (re)discover
videos of complete guidance
with onboard camera it's here !