SUCCESS STORY: Evelity X University Lyon 3

Guiding disabled people around a university? Discover the success story of Lyon 3 Jean Moulin University - Manufacture des Tabacs Campus

Lyon 3 Jean Moulin University, as part of the INCLUDE project (demoES France 2030), has marked a decisive turning point in its commitment to accessibility and inclusion.

In January 2023, the school chose to deploy Evelity, a solution to help with orientation and location, on its Manufacture des Tabacs campus, which is visited by 28,000 students each year.

Here's a look back at the success of this project!

A strong commitment to accessibility

Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University is strongly committed to the crucial issues of accessibility, inclusion and disability. It has set itself apart at national level by implementing a revolutionary solution across its entire site, with the ambitious prospect of extending this approach to all its campuses.

Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University has therefore decided to collaborate with Evelity to equip the Manufacture des Tabacs campus. This initiative is perfectly aligned with the university's Schéma Directeur Handicap 2023-2027, which includes 65 actions dedicated to advancing inclusion and accessibility.

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Technical deployment of Evelity

The technical infrastructure was installed in June 2023. By July the app was available on iOS and Android.

Designed to guide all users, whether disabled or not, Evelity makes it easy to find classrooms, administrative services, restaurants and much more.

As soon as it was launched, the free application was the focus of a major publicity campaign for the start of the 2023 academic year.

Evelity on the Manufacture des Tabacs campus means :

  • 5 floors available

  • 12,000 sq.m of covered circulation space

  • 4.4 kilometres of digital routes

  • 292 points of interest recorded

  • 647 Bluetooth beacons installed

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And what about user adoption and usage statistics?

It's an unqualified success! In the month leading up to the start of the new academic year in September 2023, Evelity's usage statistics are well up to scratch. So there is a clear need for assistance in wayfinding and orientation on our university campuses.. 

Here's a look back at the launch operation, developed in conjunction with the university teams:

  • Post on social networks on the application launch and inclusion in the internal newsletter.
  • Integration of the app in their student welcome programme and on the "accessibility" and "access" pages of the university website.
  • Installation of wall signs, displays at the various reception desks and wall stickers with QR codes linking to the application.
  • Participation at the "Student Welcome Day"
  • Training for disabled staff and other university volunteers (digital management, communications, student life, security, etc.).

Statistics for September 2023 :

  • Over 1,600 downloads of the Evelity application in September.
  • Over 850 scans of the QR code device
  • More than 750 unique users of the application
  • Over 3,500 navigation launched at the Manufacture des Tabacs in September
  • On average, a user launched more than 5 navigation during the month of September

The launch of Evelity was a success, but we needed to measure its use over time. And we've found that usage is trending slightly upwards!

Usage statistics from October to January 2024 :

  • The QR code device was scanned an average of 300 times / month.
  • On average, the application has 250 unique users / month.
  • An average of 680 navigations launched / month, including around thirty with a screen reader. This suggests that visually impaired people use them regularly.
  • A user launches an average of 3 navigations / month, and that's an average!

Lyon 3 Evelity app de guidage
To conclude...

Evelity has proved to be an indispensable solution for a large number of university users with orientation and wayfinding problems, whether they are students or members of the teaching staff, and whether or not they have a disability.

By meeting the varied needs of people with specific disabilities - hearing, visual, cognitive or motor - the application enhances the autonomy and university experience of all in an inclusive environment.

With plans to extend our solution to the other campuses of its university, Lyon 3 University is positioning itself as a model of inclusion and accessibility in the French educational landscape.