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Tech Rocketship Award

Evelity wins the Tech Rocketship Award 2020

Among the 650 startups that were selected for their innovation, Okeenea wins the challenge with Evelity! A wonderful opportunity to make our dream to export our app throughout the world including Great Britain a reality. We’ll tell you all about it.

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Luma Arles Museum uses Evelity wayfinding app for people with disabilities

Luma Arles: Evelity offers a experience for visitors with disabilities

The Luma tower, designed by architect Frank Gehry, located in the heart of the Parc des Ateliers in Arles (southern France), will open in spring 2021. Art producer Maja Hoffmann, patron of the project, aims to offer a unique and original experience to all visitors, including those living with a disability. To meet this challenge, Studios Architecture, in cooperation with Cogito Ergo Sum, selected our indoor wayfinding solution for all disabilities, Evelity.

Interview with Marie Billa, architect of Studios Architecture agency.

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Finalist of the Transit Tech Lab Challenges in NYC

Evelity : Finalist of the Transit Tech Lab Challenges in NYC!

We’re very proud and excited to be selected as one of the finalists of the Transit Tech Lab Challenges, run by the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) and the Partnership For New York City to help the nation’s largest transit system address some of its most pressing transit challenges!

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